Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to Primrose Hill School Nature Camp! We are eagerly anticipating the first day of camp and all the great adventures we will encounter with your children during our summer explorations.

To ensure a safe and healthy experience, we would like to have your child be well prepared for the weather. Camp is held outside except in severe thunder and lightning storms, so be sure to have your child appropriately dressed for that day’s forecast. Proper rain gear is essential. Please avoid characters and words on clothing, gear and lunchboxes. We will be playing in water regularly and water shoes are a must! Keens or other tightly fitting shoes are best. No flip-flops, slip-on shoes or slip-on crocs. Put your child's name on all clothing and gear. Sunhats, sunscreen, and bug spray are needed each day of camp. Apply sunscreen and bug spray prior to coming to camp each day and leave a labeled bottle in your child's bag.  We will reapply more sunscreen and bug spray during the day if necessary.
Click here for the clothing and gear checklist...

Please pack an ample, wholesome lunch and simple snack for your child without any sugary treats. Keep in mind that whatever comes in your child’s lunch box will be returning home as there are no trashcans readily available at our special picnic spots.  We will be providing watermelon at the end of each day.  We may ask you to exclude certain food items from lunch and snack depending on any allergies.

While our campus is beautiful, the Hudson Valley is well known for its population of ticks.  Please be sure to do a tick check after each day of camp.  Thoroughly examine the small of your child’s back, the back of his/her neck, behind the ears, along the hairline, behind the knees, in between toes and other crevices, etc.  The counselors also keep a look out during the day.  Citronella oil, rose geranium oil, and cedar oil are natural tick repellants.

Nature camp has two groups that are divided by age. If your child has a friend who is also attending nature camp, you may request that your child be placed in the same group with his or her friend. We cannot guarantee this is always possible, however we will do our best to accommodate you!

We are suggesting that you remove access to screen time during camp days. We want your child to gain the maximum enjoyment from our program and we believe that removing screen time will be of great benefit.

Drop off is 9am and pick up is 2pm. We want to reiterate the importance of being on time and making a quick transition away from your child. Our counselors will call you if your child is having an especially hard time. If anyone is picking up your child who is not listed in the pick up release section of your registration form, please let your counselor know in advance.

PARKING LOT SAFETY: Please be aware of your child in the parking lot at pick up and drop off.  Holding hands is best.  There are many cars backing out that cannot see the little ones.

Laurie Schmolz

Office – (845) 876-1226
Mobile - (518) 929-8086

Until Camp!