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The work of Primrose Hill School is grounded in a set of clear values and principles that guide our approach to educating children.  These principles are reflected in all aspects of the curriculum, our relationships with the children and each other, and are commitment to the larger community. 

Commitment to the Whole Child
Primrose Hill School offers a unique and comprehensive curriculum that includes the arts, language, math and science, music, and farming and agriculture.  Each of these components is deliberately and carefully cultivated to respond to the developmental level of the children at each stage of their education. We understand that all children are unique individuals and therefore our approach provides each child the opportunity to learn in a way that reflects his or her capacity to absorb knowledge. 
Commitment to Sustainability and the Natural World
Primrose Hill School represents a community of people who strongly believe that a nature-based and agriculture education has innumerable benefits for our children. We believe an education that includes an agricultural component is essential for our children to understand their larger role in the world. We instill the knowledge that school is a gateway to the wider world that requires an understanding of conservation, land stewardship, our impact on the world, and a respect for cultivating sustainability in all actions.

Commitment to Ethical Individualism
We strive to provide the tools and guidance to children that will give them the freedom and knowledge to determine their path in life while also cultivating a moral compass that allows them to perceive what is needed in the world and to use their ability to achieve it. We believe we must cultivate all aspects of a child – physical, mental, and spiritual – to truly instill a sense of being and self-understanding that can guide these individuals throughout their life. 

Commitment to Access
The type of education that we provide is essential for preparing children for an unknown future.  We believe that all children, regardless of economic status, should be able to access this education. Primrose Hill School establishes systems to ensure that there are no financial barriers for anyone who seeks this education.

Commitment to Acceptance
We are a community that embraces diversity – economically, racially, and culturally – and we celebrate diversity in order to engender equity, understanding, and acceptance.  We strive to ensure that all children feel accepted for who they are and confident to be proud of this identity as they enter the world.   We welcome all traditions and cultural celebrations into our classrooms. 



Primrose Hill School is committed to nurturing diversity and welcomes children of any color, race or gender as well as all ethnic, cultural, social, socioeconomic, religious and spiritual backgrounds.

Receive the child in reverence, educate him with love, let him go forth in freedom.
— Rudolf Steiner