Dear Families,

We are very fortunate to receive a wholesale discount from Danish Woolen Delight. These are the highest quality woolen long underwear and these prices are almost half the retail price.  

Here is how to place an order:

  1. View the price list HERE
  2. Type in your order on the Google Sheet HERE
  3. Calculate your total from the sheet
  4. Pay through Paypal HERE or at the button below

You may use the website to view the items available, but please use the spreadsheets for price list and ordering information.  DO NOT USE THE SKU NUMBER ON THE WEBSITE AS THE ITEM NUMBER.

The order will be place on NOVEMBER 17.  Please note, your order will not be placed unless we have received payment.

We recommend purchasing one or two pairs of the long sleeved shirt and pants in a wool or wool/silk blend for your child.  They will wear these every day at school in the cold weather.