Cooking Camp @ Primrose Hill School

For 8 to 12 year olds - Maximum of 8 children.

3 weekly sessions starting July 10, July 17 and July 31 - Sign up for one, two or all three sessions.  
Monday through Friday - 9:15pm to 1:45pm
$325 per week

Children will spend the morning in experiential learning about the recipe of the day, exploring ingredients, tastes and smells.  We plan to use what we can from the school’s garden. We will take a mid-morning break for some free play and a craft and then return to the kitchen to put together our meal. We will eat the meal we’ve made and clean up together before being picked up.

It is important that the child be genuinely interested in learning about food!

All projects except the pie crust are gluten free. Dietary restrictions and allergies can only be met up to a point. If a child cannot eat a major ingredient for that day, they could consider bringing their creation to a friend or family member. We will make sure they still get something to eat.

Sample Week:
Making Mozzarella from scratch - meal: caprese salad and bread
Salad dressing (we will explore ingredients and make our own individual recipes) - meal: salad bar
Pie crust  - meal: empanadas and fruit pie
Field trip to Thompson Finch for a morning of berry picking.  Meal - Homemade granola with fresh berries
Cookout! - meal: sausages, baked potatoes and baked apples.

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Cooking Camp is led by Eiren Graver who teaches handwork at the Primrose Hill School. She has run kitchens on two biodynamic farms and studied global culinary traditions at Three Stone Hearth in Berkeley, CA.