We got a lamb! (and some bunnies too)

Apple Blossom Day

Apple Blossom Day

On a rainy Saturday, May 11, the day before our first open house, Primrose Hill School joined the many local vendors at the Apple Blossom Day festival in Red Hook, NY.  We were auspiciously located next to the Kesicke Farm petting zoo, which featured a lamb, goats, a mini horse, donkeys and little baby rabbits.   Our teacher, Ms. Abel immediately fell in love with the bunnies and supervised the children as they flocked under our tent waiting their turn to hold one.   Throughout the day, Ms. Abel would go over to the lamb and give him a little nuzzle and feed him some milk from a bottle.  By around two o’clock, the burly men of Kesicke Farm came over and offered to gift us the lamb for our school!  We would like to welcome Gary the Lamb to our team!  Oh and we got bunnies too… Blueberry & Muffin. :)

Gary the Lamb

The "Yurt"

The next day we held our first open house.  What a success!  We had been working hard to get our play yard ready for the big day, and wow.  We were not disappointed.   We have two swings and a wooden children’s playhouse called a “yurt “ all specially made for Primrose Hill School.  The oversized sandbox is surrounded by stumps gathered from a neighbor’s fallen tree, and the sugar maple stands tall and proud offering it's leaves as shade and branches for the swings.

After an ominous rain cloud passed, the sun came out and smiled on us the rest of the day.  Blueberry and Muffin were a big hit with young and old alike.  The children felted woolen balls and everyone enjoyed organic hot dogs, potato salad and an assortment of cheeses.  Thanks to all who came and enjoyed the day with us!

Special thanks to Kesicke Farms for the lamb and bunnies, Carla & Michael of Homework Architecture for the floor plans and rendering, Patrick Madden for organizing the prints and easels, Tzivie at The Rhinebeck Jewish Center for the table, and Steve at Hudson Valley Crossfit for the tent.