Note: Re-enrolling families begin with Step #5

1. TOUR - We encourage prospective families to visit the school and tour our classrooms and campus.  Bring your questions and children and meet the farm animals that call Primrose Hill home! Contact Jordan Walker to schedule a tour:, (845) 876-1226.

2. APPLY - Applications are available on-line through TADS. There is a $75 application fee. As with all of the costs and fees associated with admissions, please contact us if the fee is prohibitive. Here is our statement about making the education we offer accessible to everyone who truly wants it for their child.

Click here to apply at



3. INTERVIEW - Once we have received your complete application we will be in touch to schedule you and your child an interview with the teacher. In the grade-school, a two or three day classroom visit is often requested alongside the interview. 

4. ACCEPTANCE - Acceptance is based on Primrose Hill School's ability to meet your child's needs as determined through the application and interview process as well as the availability of openings.  Following your interview, you will receive a letter of the teacher’s determination.  A letter of acceptance also includes a request for medical records, emergency contacts, pick up release forms, and other supporting documents.  The letter of acceptance includes a link to enroll your child on TADS.  A deposit is due at the time of enrolling.

5. REGISTRATION FOR STUDENTS ALREADY ENROLLED - Every current family will receive a letter inviting them to re-enroll by the deadline of March 20th.  A $500 non-refundable deposit holds your child's place in the class and is applied to the annual tuition fee.

6. COMMUNITY SUPPORTED EDUCATION -  (link to CSE page of the website) - Once your child is enrolled, you will receive a Community Supported Education (CSE) form. All families sit down to speak confidentially with members of the CSE committee about what a family is able to contribute (financially and otherwise) to our learning community. This conversation results in a mutually designed Tuition Contract.

7. TUITION CONTRACT - Your contract for the year is sent to you to read over and approve via TADS. Payment plans are available.  

8. WELCOME LETTER FROM THE TEACHER - Your child’s new teacher will be in touch with everything you need to know for the first day of school!  

Primrose Hill School is committed to nurturing diversity and welcomes children of any color, race or gender as well as all ethnic, cultural, social, religious and spiritual backgrounds.